Party Party Birthday Party

Hey guys, it's that time of year again. I was thinking of having another picnic at the park and maybe dinner somewhere...

Who's up for it??

Which Day is best for everyone??

23rd July
30th July
6th August
13th August

Welcome Back

Hey All

It's been a while I hope you're all good.

I'm getting there, i need to work harder at fixing my life but i'm getting there slowly.

I've changed my account name back to Aquapixie. I'm not sure why but I was having much more fun back in those days maybe this will help kick start funs. I've still got all my old posts and it's been a laugh looking through them all.

So whats been happening recently? Well not a lot, i'm still working at Kingston Hospital, it's been about 8 years now, but i've only been in the IT department for 3 years, i'm not really enjoying it but i'm also struggling to find a new job, like thousands of other in the world. In case you didn't already know i'm living in a little flat in kingston with my boyfriend, we have been here for about a year and a half so if you ever wanna visit give me a shout, we live right next to the river so a nice walk to the park is always on the cards.

I've been going out a little more than normal. I went to Collectamania Milton Keynes yesterday with lonedreameryaoi and Melu. It was awesome, i got to meet Anthony Head, Alex Kingston and David Blue, they were all awesome and really friendly. lonedreameryaoi has some photos on Facebook if you wanna have a look :)

lonedreameryaoi helped me sign up for a gym, i've not been going as much recently but hopefully i'll start getting back into it soon. I really need to get some more motivation to do a lot of things. There is so much i want to do but i lack motivation to do anything... sooooo bad.

I haven't really seen my other friends around the place in a while and i feel terrible. If you are ever about the place let me know. I would love to meet up (thats if i'm not being pathetic and panicking).. Talking of friends.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow chococat I hope you have an amazing day and i hope you had an awesome time at wota xx.

I did get a chance to visit my best friends from uni, Kim and Jon the other day. It was amazing, i miss them so much. We haven't seen each other in about 2 years but it was like it was only yesterday, we chatted about everything and it was just COOL. I was up in Manchester with Chris to watch Gary Neville's testimonial. We were in the 3rd row and i swear i could almost touch David Beckam lol.

Other bad things in life at the moment is i am POOR, since moving into this flat i have had no money and now they have increased the rent i have less than no money which is pants. Basically what i want to say is Sorry to anyone who asks me to do anything and i can't because i just don't have the funds, The worst part about having no money is that i might not be able to go to Ayacon anymore and i deffo can't afford to go and see Yossy in France at the end of June :(((((

Anyway enough rabbitting from me, i hope to hear from you soon, i'd love to get comments it makes me feel wanted HAHAHAHA :p only joking, it's nice to hear from you guys whenever wherever :p..

I should really be looking into what more i can do with my life... jobs and courses but i think today i'm going to go back to playing Resident Evil 5 haha

Take Care my lovelies and hopefully i will keep on updating my LJ xxxxx
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Reasons For an LJ

Heya everyone i hope you are all good ^-^

I am not using this Livejournal as a Journal, but a way to keep incontact with my friends.
Over the past year, (since i deleted my old journal) i have found i was loosing contact with quite alot of my really good friends and feeling slightly isolated from the world. So i thought to myself if i have a livejournal which i can't post in but can see how my friends are doing then things will start to feel better again.

Anyway it's good to see you all again *hugs*

Please feel free to add me so i don't loose contact with you ^-^
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25th Birthday Party

So peeps. it's my birthday in August and thinking of having a picnic party (maybe Hangry&Angry theme)....

First off, WHO CAN COME!!!!!!!

Please help me decide what to do!!!!

Poll #1573876 25th Anniversary of my Birth... what to do?

So where would people go?

Kingston - Canbury Park
Richmond Park
London - Any park - Please comment
Other - Please comment

What date?

31st July
1st August
7th August
8th August

Any other suggestions?



OMG OMG OMG Morning Musume at Anime Expo in the US and Hangry&Angry at SakuraCon and i prob can't make either... I NEED A HOLIDAY

"When I was in Musume, Boss Yoshizawa Hitomi gave me a ring, and I treasured it and wore it every day. But I forgot it when I put it down somewhere back at the beginning of the year... I looked everywhere for it, and had basically given up on finding it.

Then today it fell out of a pair of pants I hadn't worn since the day I lost it!

I was so happy, I yelled out, "I found it!!" (lol)

If I hadn't chosen to wear those pants today, I wouldn't have found it! I'm a lucky girl ☆☆ (lol)

I'll never lose it again, Boss Yoshizawa (>3<)"



OMG the snow is insane...

I live the closes to work so i've been called in.. they make me walk in bahhhhhhhh.
Most people in my department get the bus which is totally suspended..

as much as i love snow... this is now fair bahhhhhhhhhh
Sexy Yossi

Website help

Does anyone have time to help me design a website... I know what i want it to look like, but i don't know how to code it so it will be easy to update.. e.g PHP and things like that!!

If anyone can help please please give me a shout.. Thank you so much

Collapse )

As for life, alot has happened and i'm really not happy at the moment, i have a constant feeeling of sadness and emptyness but i can't explain it. I won't bother you will my toubles though.

Take Care all
Sexy Yossi

Update on life

First off i just want to apologies i haven't been reading LJ for ages or anything so i hope everyone is ok and had a fantastic easter.
Happy Birthday to my Dear Yossie for yesterday hehe ^_^ Also Happy birthday to anyone's birthday i've missed i hope you had a great days.

So whats been going on this easter.
  • It started off with my mum being really ill and me having to take her to doctors appointments, hospitals and other things. She's alot better now but still recovering. I missed LAC cos i was at the hospital so sorry to anyone i said i'd be there.. maybe i'll get a chance to go in July or something.

  • I went to my friends houseboat for the afternoon, it was load of fun and so pretty. i'd love to live there.

  • I went to the doctors myself to get blood tests done. All came back ok, but they have discovered i have Gilberts Syndrome, nothing serious but could be one of the reasons i feel ill when i go out and eat. I need to have CBT again too.

  • Went to Perrin's Birthday party in London. It was great to see everyone again, i'm really sorry i had to leave early, was VERY RUBBISH!!!! I wish i could have stayed. I hope you had a great rest of your weekend and had loads of drunken funness.
  • I've been going my shooting leagues too.. one went ok i beat my average, the other didn't go too well.. i shot my target man in the groin XD
  • Did some shopping with Kazz where she didn't buy any shoes ^-^
  • I've done sod all work and i'm predicting that i am going to fail this semester and will have to re take... Too stressed and unmotivated.. .we'll just have to wait and see.
  • I got a new hair cut and a new hair colour.. i'll take a photo one day... or i'll just see you all in person first prob :p
  • I'm going to a birthday party tomorrow, and then a Thai New Year on sunday before heading back to deserted land of portsmouth ;_;

    Japan Stuff
  • I found out my phone won't work in Japan which is a pain but i'll go find an internet cafe or something
  • Tickets are booked, they just need printing
  • Concert tickets should be at my door this morning (Row 21 No idea where that would be though, but i'm guessing from the seat numbers i might be looking at their backs... i need a seating arrangement thingy :p)
  • I got some Yen the other day, not much but i'm hoping i can get some nice stuff and be able to live.. i hope my cards will work in Japans too so i can get more money incase.
  • I haven't really planned whats we're doing where and when, but i'll get that done soon.... i need to write a diary of some sort.

    So yeah Happy Easter again and i hope to see/hear from you guys soon
    Take Care